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JX2 Shoulder Holster System
( J frame revolvers times two )
JX2 Shoulder Holster System
The JX2 shoulder holster system was designed using a combination of concealed carry ideas which have been tested over the last 30 years. The JX2 allows for very comfortable, low profile, and discrete concealed carry of two Smith and Wesson 2" barreled J frame revolvers. The rig is handmade from lightweight, but very strong premium grade cowhide. The combined weight of this rig and two ultra light revolvers is only about 32 oz. Evenly distributing this light weight with the wide X frame shoulder harness allows for very comfortable long term carry. This rig is designed for concealed carry, away from the sight and grasp of others. The JX2 does not need to be attached to the belt line, so it can even be worn under a tucked in shirt. This is an excellent deep cover rig. It keeps back up guns well concealed, yet accessible with either hand. Drawing internal hammer revolvers from this rig is quick and snag free. There are no snaps or straps to slow the draw. The holsters are designed to hold the revolvers in an inverted, slightly butt forward position. The guns are retained in the holsters by encasing the rounded trigger guard in leather, and holding the revolvers in position with strong elastic over the top straps of the gun frames. The draw is a very smooth forward and away motion.
( Warning: This rig should be adjusted not to point the muzzle in an unsafe direction, and the operator's finger should not touch the trigger during the draw. Certain revolver grips will need to be relieved behind the trigger guards to allow the trigger guards to fully seat into the holsters. Failure to do so will result in less than proper gun retention. )
The JX2 is designed for ultra light J frame S&W 2" revolvers. The shoulder harness is fully adjustable for different torso sizes.
Price available on request
JX2 Shoulder Holster System   JX2 Shoulder Holster System
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